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Connect your business to smarter, faster WiFi

It’s called smart for a reason. A few, actually.

3 separate networks mean security, convenience, and return customers. Plus get customer insights with analytics.

Choose Your Plan

All plans include unlimited data, cloud management, and 24/7/365 support.

Fibre+ SmartWiFi 300

Download Speed

Up to 300 Mbps†

Upload Speed

Up to 20 Mbps†



Access Points

Up to 3 Included

Fibre+ SmartWiFi 750


Download Speed

Up to 750 Mbps†

Upload Speed

Up to 125 Mbps†



Access Points

Up to 3 Included

Fibre+ SmartWiFi Gigabit

Download Speed

Up to 1 Gbps†

Upload Speed

Up to 125 Mbps†



Access Points

Up to 3 Included

What is Fibre+?

Fibre + is the name of our hybrid fibre coax network. As we continue to invest and expand our system, we will be able to offer faster multi-gigabit speeds to more businesses across the country.

Find the perfect bundle to fit your business needs

From multiple networks and hassle-free cybersecurity to all-in-one collaboration tools, we have the bundle for your business needs.

Internet Outage? No sweat.....

You can’t plan for everything, but in the rare event of an internet outage, you can protect your business with LTE Backup. So, when everyone else is offline, your business stays online.

Get 3 WiFi networks in one plan


  • Securely manage payroll, staff shift schedules, and share internal files.


  • Customize your login portal, set bandwidth limits, and more.

Shaw Go WiFi

  • Put your business on the map by joining Canada’s largest WiFi network.**

Understand your customers with instant analytics

  • Get insights so you can build a strong marketing plan.

  • Find out what sites and social platforms your customers use most and spend your marketing dollars wisely.

Exceptional WiFi coverage

  • Enterprise-grade equipment covers your entire place of business.

Network management made easy

  • A user-friendly portal means you’ll spend less on IT services.

The Shaw Fibre+ Advantage

  • Our powerful fibre coax network lets us deliver our fastest and most reliable speeds to more places in Western Canada than ever before.

Use professional-grade tools to manage your business

Your 24/7/365 IT Team


Trouble-free installation

Leave the hassle of hardware and software setup to us.

Professional-grade equipment

Get advanced technologies that work hard for you.

Employee training

Manage your technology alongside a dedicated partner.

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